An Invitation to Peace

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To the mind, true spirituality seems a contradiction in terms; to paradox. Peace, that elusive quality universally sought, is that which you always already Are. You are being invited to sense, know, and experience yourself as This. It is paradoxical to be invited to that which one already Is. The invitation is to allure the mind and at the same time to break through its infinite reams of conditioning. So highly conditioned is the ‘modern’ human that the entire population, to a greater or lesser degree, identifies with or believes themselves to be the mind.
Have you ever entertained with any degree of seriousness the question: “Who Am I?” As of this writing, more and more of this planet’s population are beginning to take an interest in the Truth; the Truth of what they Are, as well as embrace the Truth of what everything Is. Rest assured nothing is as it seems to be, to the mind.
You are being invited to step aside from the mind and its incessant chatter, in the quest for Peace. When the activity of the mind begins to cease, that which is left cannot be described. You are being invited to simply find out what it is that awaits when all that is false is exposed. In this revelation awaits your Truth, your Peace.

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