Goniatite & Orthoceras Sculpture

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Tectured Sculpture Goniatite & Orthoceras

Orthoceras Fossil Gemstone Stone of Acceptance of Change Orthoceras fossils are extremely active stones that align you with the primal forces of nature. If you wish to do grounding work, or you wish to work with the Water Element, an Orthoceras fossil is a highly active contribution to your activities. Orthoceras fossils all have a prehistoric, aquatic energy, but each fossil has its own energy levels which makes working with Orthoceras fossils a primastic and exciting experience. Orthoceras fossils are black with grey or ivory fossilized marine animals. They date over 400 million years old.

A- 2lbs 10oz  – 9” H by 6” W

B- 2lbs 8oz   – 8.5” H by 5.5” W

C- 2lbs 2oz   – 7.5” H by 6” W



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