Herkimer A/B Druzy Grade

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• Herkimer Diamond is called the ‘Stone of Attunement’. As a stone which stimulates psychic abilities, it is an excellent stone for meditation purpose.
• Herkimer Diamonds allow us to know ourselves and just allow ourselves to “be” with no self-criticism and self-judgment so that we can not only understand but also appreciate our selves.
• These crystals allow us to enjoy our existence and to connect with our higher self; to develop spiritually.
• Herkimer Diamonds help rid us of our fear, one of the greatest deterrents to our spiritual evolvement. Herkimer Diamonds help us with both clairvoyance and clairaudience.
• Herkimer stones – promoters of our inner awakening
• These wondrous specimens can be incredible inspirational tools, making the contact with our spiritual levels of consciousness easier, boosting our creativity, helping us ease the inner tension, and establishing a feeling of all-embracing wellbeing and joy
• The metaphysical properties of pure crystal such as the Herkimer diamond have been used for healing for thousands of years. It has to do with the frequency and harmonic vibrations that are contained in the crystal. Specifically, the Herkimer diamond is said to increase creativity and allow the wearer greater access to inner guidance.
• The stones can also be programmed metaphysically to tune into a situation or another person’s consciousness. They can then carry that energy of healing and caring thoughts and be used to help heal others from afar off.
• This stone helps one to embody the concept of ‘let go and let God.’ Those times when we forget to slow down and just be in the moment is when Herkimer diamonds can help us remember to stop and surrender to our higher power and allow that feeling to flow in and through us.

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