Quartz 4 Pt Energy Generator

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It’s like a domino, when you have great energy within you, you will have an abled body and mind translating to a productive and exceptional outcome. Just as how the Clear Crystal Energy Generator brings you and translates your inner and outer energy into something marvelous!

The Clear Crystal Energy Generator or also called the Projector Crystals, by the name itself, it generates and projects energy, recharge other crystals, and a great tool in alternative healing, Reiki and meditation.

It is composed of one center crystal and seven points having six facets on each crystal. The center crystal pyramid amplifies the energies generated from the seven points from the Earth through its apex. The Clear Crystal Energy Generatoris made of pure clear quartz crystal, also known as the “master healer”, named because of its great healing properties.

The quartz crystals are known to enhance personal growth, spiritual awareness, and aides communication with the Divine. It also helps in physical healing such as improving the energy flow within the circulatory and digestive system, and treatment of migraines, minor headaches and vertigo. The quartz crystal serving as an energy generator enhances the healing energies that crystal possess.

The benefits of the Clear Crystal Energy Generatorare numerous, with a combined power of quartz crystal and its position as an energy generator it allows you to enjoy wonderful benefits such as to cleaner aura, balanced chakra, meditation tool, healed body, mind, and spirit, and recharged energy from within.

A must-have piece! With the power of recharging the other crystals, the Clear Crystal Energy Generatormust always be present during your spiritual and meditative exercises! Delicately crafted and polished by master artisans, this beneficial crystal will surely attract all eyes visiting your place!
made of real crystal quartz stone. about 3 inch long and 1 inch high.

Weight 3.200001 oz
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