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Sea Salt
16 oz

A powerful aid in protective magic, Sea Salt is also good for cleansing & purifying crystals & scrying mirrors. Salt also has associations with Receptive Energy, Earth & Aphrodite
If you’re not sure how to start using salt as a spiritual tool, Moore suggests focusing on its protective powers. To maintain a sense of safety while on the go, fill a small bag with salt and other protective items like runes, and stow it away in your purse, luggage, or glove compartment.
You can also do something as simple as keeping a bowl of salt in each room of your home, doing so will help to balance and stabilize the energy throughout the house.
However you choose to use salt, it is recommended of doing a little prep work first, to ensure that the salt works to achieve the ends you desire. Put the salt you want to use on a table, bookshelf, windowsill, or, if you have one, an altar. Then reflect your plans for it. Invite the spirit of the salt to work with you to protect your home (or whatever your intention is) and leave it overnight. By the next morning the salt’s energy ought to be ready, and you can use it as you wish.

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