Sexy Medium’s Love & Lust Spell

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Want A Lasting Relationship Or A One Night Stand?

Love and Lust are two of the most powerful states of being that you will ever experience in your adult life. These two emotions – together or separately – can be the cause of abundant happiness or abject despair, and you must be successful at both in order to live out a well-balanced existence. Wine, flowers and chocolate may add to the atmosphere of meeting someone new, but a dash of the metaphysical will propel you further along the path to sexual commitment.

The author of this book, Maria D’ Andrea, one of the top occult visionaries sharing her knowledge with devotees worldwide, wants to help you make the right Love Connection and enable yourself to become more alluring to those from whom you are seeking affection.

This study guide is NOT the black magic of wicked “love potions,” like we are used to seeing portrayed in movies like “Bell, Book and Candle.” Maria’s spells are worded so that no one is harmed by the occult processes involved. No one will suffer any negative consequences or loss of free will and lovers will discover each other without any unfair coercion from the “dark side.”

In this workbook you will learn to…

* Utilize the positive nature of Love Attraction Spells! * Develop Magnetic Power to attract members of the opposite – or same – sex! * Maintain fidelity and excitement in love relationships! * Create love potions of the benevolent kind!

Let Maria lighten your burdens of loneliness and bring the kind of passion and excitement to your life that you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Her methods are safe and easy and could lead to happiness that exceeds even your wildest fantasies.

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