Shattukite Congo A

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Enhances the vibes that helps to connect to the spirit world

Aligns as well as triggers the Third-Eye, Throat Chakra and the Crown in addition to the Higher Crown and Higher Heart Chakras

Helps with the reprogramming the DNA of the wearing soul

Increase the vibe of the the inner soul of the wearing individual

The enrgies of the stone too attracts the spirits and make them a smooth connection to take guidance from them to lead a serene life.

Shattuckite helps to align the wearing soul with the divine mind

Shattuckite activates the intellectual and the intuitive abilities to work together in the union.

The effective vibes of the Shattuckite allow the soul to communicate well with the spirit and reflect the wisdom.

Shattuckite strengthens the ability of the soul to speak the truth along with the compassion openly.

Shattuckite calms down the restless mind and renews the soul to start life again with a fresh page to write a fresh chapter.Weights are approximate

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