Bio: Megan


Megan has had a very strong connection to spirit since a very young age; initially in the form of prophetic dreams and the ability to sense the deep feelings and hidden emotions of others. As time passed, this connection continued to expand and evolve to a point in which it could no longer be pushed aside. Her first pregnancy seemed to trigger an intuitive overload and she finally decided to accept what she was very powerfully being called to do. Over the past eight years Megan has been actively uncovering and fine tuning her gifts through countless courses, classes and workshops; many of which took place right here at Spiritually Rooted®. In 2016, Megan received her Ordination and has been practicing as a full-time professional Psychic Medium ever since.

Enthusiastically touching the lives of her clients, Megan is able to sense, see and hear Spirit; as well as interpret the visual imagery and messages that are passed through to her. It is Megan’s desire to share with others all of the light and love that can be found within each of us. It is her passion to now assist others on their journey, just as her dedicated teachers have done for her. Being a mom of three young children, Megan’s approach to teaching is extremely hands on and patient; allowing you to breathe in all of the wonder along the way. There is so much magic to unfold and she hopes to bring comfort and joy to all, through the knowledge that life really does go on.

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