Pet Readings

Pet Readings

Readers Available for Pet Readings are: Pam, Cassandra, Tara, Greg, and Megan

15 minutes for $50

30 minutes for $80


Pets are energy just like humans, which means that we are able to tap into their energy and communicate with them. Pet readings are very helpful for pets that are exhibiting any type of anxiety or behavior issues or if you are bringing a new pet into your home. It is almost like getting a user’s guide for that pet! Mediums are able to talk to the pet to see what is at the root of the problem or their likes/dislikes so we can address it and move forward. With the help and support of the owner we can completely correct behavioral issues and in many cases get pets off of anxiety medication. Pets can tell us all about themselves, how they are feeling, what they are thinking and their connection to their owners. It is a special time for the pet and the owner to have a reading, it brings them closer together. Many times we also can catch medical issues that might be brewing.


Patti also offers spiritual healings for pets that can help to ease the pain and in some cases cure the illness the pet is suffering from.