7 Chakra Angels


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Measures approx.: 47-48mm x 27-29mm

Your little Guardian Angel to put anywhere in your home or office, wire wrap for jewelry.

7 Chakras angels are known to have an inspiring energy about them.
The important part of the 7 chakras is understanding that the energy flows through our 7 chakras.

The idea is, if you have blockages in your seven chakras, then you can get illness or disease.

Ultimately, your goal is to make sure the energy is flowing freely through your 7 chakras.
You may like to think of a stagnant pool of water.
When the water is flowing through a river, life is abundant. When you get stagnant water that isn’t moving, you get disease, the area smells bad and you will find decaying life.
The exact opposite of what you and I want in life.

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