7 Day Candle Purple


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Burn time is approximately 120 hours. Candle measures approximately 2 1/2 x 8 inches. Cotton wick for clean burning.
Trim wick to 1/4 inch to enable better burning quality and time.

Purple candles are used to aid meditation, for enhancing psychic ability, awakening your 3rd eye chakra, intuition, visions, scrying, divination, astral travel, past-life work, fortune telling, bringing wisdom, spiritual power, increasing your magical powers, enhancing spiritual activities, help make contact with the spiritual world, spiritual awakening, spiritual protection, ancient wisdom, to remove curses, for healing, enthusiasm, idealism, financial affairs, business success, material wealth, power, supremacy, royalty, sovereignty, dignity, ambition, control, command, mastery, honor, respect, recognition, and for influencing people in power.

If you want to do something in a big way, this is the color to use. Purple is the color of expansion of what you already have, in all forms. Purple expands anything you desire, such as spirituality, business, money, health, or love. Money begets money, the rich get richer, poverty begets poverty, the poor get poorer. Purple brings more of what you already have, in a bigger way. Wisdom, high idealism, knowledge of the higher realms of magick, spiritual protection and healing, the becoming of your highest potential, becoming your god / goddess self, reversal of a jinxed condition. Manipulation of law, business, commerce, courts, judges, people in a position of power over you. Enhancement of power, psychic ability, male energy. Influence older men of power and women with a strong male nature. Protective energy, bestows fame, power, and recognition in a chosen field. Progressive energies that continually expand and build.

Purple candles represent the wise teacher and keeper of hidden knowledge, unconscious wisdom, the higher self. It is the color of the mystic. People with purple or violet in their auras are sensitive and extremely aware. They need a great deal of time on their own. In magic, purple candle rituals provide a link with higher dimensions and can bring happiness to all who yearn for something beyond the material plane. Purple candles aid mirror scrying, and are good for psychic protection and for the prevention of nightmares. Purple candles can also be used for all rituals where the facts are not clear, for matters of secrecy, for healing the spirit and banishing what lies in the past but still haunts the present, and for remembering departed loved ones.

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