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Aqua aura frees you from constraints and leaves room for news. It is a crystal that heals, purifies and calms the aura by removing all stress and smoothing out problems. Rock crystal is used to mitigate feverish states. Furthermore, it seems to be able to bring a certain balance also to the circulatory level. It stimulates the glands, relieves headaches and soothes pains affecting the teeth. Rock crystal elixir is excellent to combine with a purifying diet to eliminate toxins. On a psychic level, hyaline quartz brings balance. As we have seen, the Yin and Yang energies harbor in him and this harmony is also passed down to us. By wearing rock crystal with constancy, we are able to affirm our nature, positively stimulating thought and pushing our more curious side to investigate ourselves better. It will be its (non) transparent and pure color, it will be that it is connected to the chakra by the more subtle energies, it will be that it transmits a great energy. Weights are approximate

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