Basil Essential 1/2oz Oil


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Sprinkled around the temple or house, or used in cleansing rites prior to ritual it will attract good spirits and give courage to the practitioner. Basil can be used in the last rite of passage to easy the journey of the soul to the Otherworld. It can also be used to confer courage to the novice during initiation rites. Basil is associated with money magic. Sprinkle the place of business or the till with basil oil or carry some leaves in your pocket to attract money. It can also be included in love philtres and potions to attract lovers, though the unions that ensue may be fiery and short-lived. A 100% pure essential oil is not made with any synthetic chemicals. The term “essential oil” means that this oil is the very essence of the plant it was distilled from – it is the plant in its purest form, and made from nothing else. Essential oils are used in a wide variety of aromatherapy practices.

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