Cedarwood Essential 1/2oz Oil


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A 100% pure essential oil is not made with any synthetic chemicals. The term “essential oil” means that this oil is the very essence of the plant it was distilled from – it is the plant in its purest form, and made from nothing else. Essential oils are used in a wide variety of aromatherapy practices. When using this oil be aware of its preciousness and ask yourself if another, less endangered oil may not serve the same purpose. In ancient times, Cedar wood was used to construct coffins. Like all conifers, Cedar is associated with eternal life and so it was hoped that a body placed in coffin fashioned from its wood would find easier access to the Otherworld. It was also much used for incense, the scent being considered particularly purifying and sacred. It was used to consecrate ritual objects and to cleanse the ceremonial grounds. It helps focusing on the magical intent and to align with one’s highest purpose. It may help us to overcome spiritual bigotry and self-glorification if we were to learn from the lessons of Gilgamesh and Solomon – the greatest spiritual glory lies not in the pursuit of magical power and dominion, but in serving the Gods.

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