Comfrey Root Cut 1oz


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Protection, Good Health, Safe Travel, Brings good luck, Aids in divination, Helps let go of unhealthy relationships

Warning: Comfrey has high levels of a constituent toxic to the liver. Do not ingest, external use only

Comfrey Root or known as Symphytum Officinale or the “Guardian of Travelers”. Used today as ornamental garden plant that was once carried by people traveling away to ensure their home would be protected. Used medicinally in a variety of ways and in magic it may be used for protection, stability, endurance, and real estate. 1 oz. in cut root form to be stored in an airtight container away from direct heat, humidity and light. Woody with not much of a scent.

Disclaimer: May also have physical benefits . Always talk to your doctor before using herbal supplements. Some herbs may have side effects when mixed with over the counter medications. Herbal supplements do not replace your prescription drugs.

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