Dragon’s Blood Granular Resin


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Dragon’s Blood

Used for purifying the atmosphere of all negative energy, enhances the effectiveness of spells, accelerates the healing of emotional wounds, brings dragons/dragon energy into a space to protect us and eliminate dark spirits.

This is a premium resin famous for use as an incense. Light a charcoal disk and set some dragons blood granules/chunks on to enjoy the deep fragrant scents as the smoke swirls up and out. Botanical name: Daemonorops draco Blume. Also known as Sanguis Draconis. Let the dragon aid in empowerment, purification, protection, as well as consecrations and meditations. 1 oz

Disclaimer: May also have physical benefits . Always talk to your doctor before using herbal supplements. Some herbs may have side effects when mixed with over the counter medications. Herbal supplements do not replace your prescription drugs.

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