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Kept forever in the heart. Resin 5.5″ h
Willow Tree sculptures are created by the artist Susan Lordi. There are sculptures based on many different occasions, events, and family representation. Lordi makes sculptures for events and occasions such as: graduations, seasons, holidays, celebrations, wedding, anniversary, new babies, and new beginnings. Also, there are sculptures made to express certain emotions such as: healing, encouragement, love, hope, sympathy, comfort, remembrance, thinking of you, thank you, and hospitality. Family groupings are beautifully sculpted by Lordi, as well as, fathers, friendship, teachers, and mothers. These beautiful, timeless, figurines offer the viewer the ability to come up with their own interpretation through the use of only body gestures to convey certain emotions. The sculptures are hand painted with cool washed colors and feature un-painted faces, allowing you to tell your own story through the figure.

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