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Saussurite is a stone of transformation, specifically relating to your emotional wants and needs. The energy omitted can be felt upon touch and leads one to eventually raise the question, “What am I capable of?” A question one may have accidentally forgotten or purposely ignored. That doesn’t matter anymore, because working with Saussurite challenges one’s entire way of thinking, as it’s energies are directly intune with the heart’s desires. Instead of your mind continuously making decisions based on our lower dimensional reality, your heart only judges from what’s within. This important attribute allows one to solely make decisions off past experiences, both physically and emotional. This allows you to use first-person judgment, alongside your intuition to understand what is best for the current you. Saussurite is a high vibrational stone and is not only here to raise inner emotions to the surface, but to also ascend your consciousness. As one begins this transformational journey, you must be looking ahead and embrace the life that comes. Our divine beings and spiritual guides are here to direct and protect us on this journey. Saussurite pushes one’s spirits to heights capable of understanding these beings and their messages through deep meditation experiences. Weights are approximate

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