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Serpentine is an excellent stone for clearing any energy blockages within the chakras, allowing us to develop a healthy flow of energy throughout the emotional and physical body. Interestingly, the snake is also revered as a symbol of good health and is symbolized throughout medical establishments, hospitals, and even on most ambulances. The reason for this is because the snake sheds it’s skin and emerges from its old scales refreshed and anew. Serpentine works hard to restore our energy and replenish the cells in our body. The serpent energy within this stone will help to heal the physical body and remove any negative thinking patterns associated with past traumas.

Serpentine allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the many dimensions that Earth exists in. It carries within it the blueprints of our planets future evolution and distant past. It attunes us too and makes us comfortable with change because it allows us to see the big picture and learn from nature-which has endured far more than the span of humanity itself.

Those who wish to learn more from the Faerie realm, Devic realm and even our plant and animal kingdom will benefit from this stone greatly.

Because Serpentine contains significant amounts of Magnetite, it has a feminine/magnetic energy (like our planet) that pulls records of Earth’s existence into itself, allowing us to learn from it’s documentations. This stone calls out to and shares it’s deepest secrets with Mages of nature and Earth healers alike. Those who wish to assist Earth in the coming transformations will have no problem learning a thing or two from Serpentine. Weights are approximate

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