Shungite Worry Stone


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Shungite is linked to our Root Chakra, known as the Muladhara Chakra in Sanskrit. This is the energy we associate with entrenching ourselves to Mother Earth, and the core foundation of both physical and spiritual evolution.
It is the stone for those who wish to feel more balance in their masculine and feminine energies, in case one is overcompensating for the other.
In order for one to really awaken to new levels of consciousness and ascend to the higher chakras, there comes a lot of healing work to be done in the earthly realm through our root chakra.
Upon realization that you are not your physical body, and after starting to see yourself as a formless, shapeless soul, let go from limiting beliefs and negative behaviors. Disassociate from the ego, and your journey to self-discover will unfold.
Shungite is an excellent stone to connect with as part of your spiritual practice. It is very dense and magnetically pulling nature.

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