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Thyme essential oil is symbolically and energetically powerful. The name “thyme” is derived from a combination of the Greek word thumos and the Latin word fumus, which both mean “smoke”. Smoke is anciently synonymous with thyme because it was used in sacrificial rituals for its fragrant odor. Smudging with dried thyme is the origin of fumigation. To the Greeks, thumos, the herb we call thyme, also designated sacrifice and courage. The plant itself was an emblem of bravery. Thyme oil has long been used to perfume temple spaces and anoint the body. The use of thyme has been classically associated with style and grace. Ladies of the middle-ages would often embroider a scarf with a bee hovering over a spray of thyme as a token of both affection and protection to the chivalric knight of their fancy.
Thyme is a really important herb for the power of remembrance. Thyme is all about supporting the process of releasing and forgiving. Thyme helps us make a choice about what memories we take with us in our lives, empowering us to decide to hold onto the sweet memories of life. Thyme lets us know that we can let go of what is no longer serving us, and that we can always choose to forgive. Thyme asks us: what needs to be sacrificed? What needs to be purified and uplifted?

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