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Used to inspire courage and strength, attracts good health, protects from negativity, purifies, brings mental clarity, promotes sleep and prevent nightmares, stimulates the Solar Plexus, and aids in developing your psychic abilities.
Thyme is bound to Venus and Air. As with many herbs, it can be burned as a purifier, and inhaling the burning scent is thought to enhance psychic powers and renew energy. Burn it in the home to banish evil and to purify the home or a specific room.
When carried on the person, Thyme is thought to inspire courage, attract good health, and protect from negativity, such as at funerals or other sad or unpleasant occasions. Carry a sprig in your pocket or make a sachet.
Thyme can also be added to the bath for purifying and mental clarity. Put a handful in cheesecloth and hang it from the faucet while the bath water is running. Fresh sprigs can be placed in a pillow to promote sleep and prevent nightmares. It helps to stimulate warmth in the Solar Plexus and this in turn opens up rhythmic activity in the lungs and heart to calm and to help gather strength.
Thyme is used in Healing Rituals and in Spells for protection and curse removal. It is said women who wear or carry Thyme are irresistible to men, and carrying sprigs in your pocket aids in developing your psychic abilities especially clairvoyance and clairaudience. Burn some Thyme to help boost your courage and confidence when facing challenging situations. It is said to strengthen the will, give courage and promote confidence.

Disclaimer: May have physical benefits. Always talk to your doctor before using herbal supplements. Some herbs may have side effects when mixed with over the counter medications. Herbal supplements do not replace your prescription drugs.

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