Vampire Cat Gargoyle Candle Holder


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Most cats simply scamper off into the night, but this winged feline has other plans! The perfect addition to your Halloween or Gothic decor, this Vampire Cat Gargoyle Candle Holder will add a dark glow over any room in your home. Crafted from cold cast resin, this candle holder is painted by hand and features a stone gray color. Propped on all fours with one paw up, this cute little kitty features a furry mane, pointed ears, and sharp vampire fangs. Its bat-like wings spread out behind the cat, with a hole projecting from the middle of its back which will perfectly fit practically any tapered candle that you choose. Embracing the look of three iconic Gothic creatures, this Vampire Cat Gargoyle Candle Holder will add a spooky and stunning look to your decor any time of year.

Key Features:
Crafted from cold cast resin
Painted by hand with a stunning gray hue
Depicts a gargoyle cat with vampire fangs and bat wings
Ideal for holding tapered candles
Makes a great year-round decor piece
Height: 6.25 Inches
Width: 7.25 Inches
Length: 4.5 Inches

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