White Opalized Agate


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Opalized White Agate is a grounding, centering stone. It performs its magical work slowly, bringing yin and yang energies into balance. Opalized White Agate instills harmony in every area of life, correcting overstimulation as it stabilizes the emotional, physical, and intellectual bodies. It is a stone excellent for those new to meditation, as it teaches peacefulness and stillness. This variety of agate calms overstimulation, increasing skills of self-analysis and and perception. Opalized White Agate also helps its bearer to work on the self. It builds self confidence, facilitating acceptance of the self and instills loving, nurturing energy. It shows the importance of connecting with others, loving those around you along with yourself. Opalized White Agate teaches us that when we have love for the self, we are able to better show love. Weights are approximate

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