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Harnessing Energy: Creating Your First Crystal Grid

Riley Jordan |

Harnessing Energy: Creating Your First Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are an arrangement of crystals placed in a specific pattern with intention in mind. They are believed to harness the energy of the crystals and amplify their individual properties to create a unified and powerful energy field.

When creating your very first crystal grid, you must set your intention. 

Why are you creating this grid? What is the outcome?

Now choose the crystals that align with your intention, for example, black obsidian is for protection and moonstone is for intuition.

Make sure your crystals are cleansed of any energies and that your work space is peaceful and quiet. You can refer to a book or a professional to find a grid that would be suitable, place your crystals according to the chosen grid starting from the center and working your way out. Placing a larger crystal in the center will be the focal point, surrounding it by smaller pieces. 

Once arranged, you can now activate your grid by infusing it with intention. Hold your hands over the grid and visualize the energy flowing or simply speak your intention aloud.

Keep your grid in a safe space where it won't be disturbed as long as your intention is necessary. Periodically cleanse and recharge the crystals to keep the energy fresh! Spend time meditating and focusing on your grid, paying attention to any changes or shifts in your life.

Enjoy crystal gridding and the joy it brings to your everyday routine!