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Using Runes in Divination

Riley Jordan |

Using Runes in Divination

Runes are a form of Norse Divination that consist of 24 characters called, the Elder Futhark. 

These 24 symbols are typically carved onto small stones or pieces of wood in order to use them for readings. 

When beginning a reading with runes, make sure your mind space is clear and your focus is on your intention. 

There are different ways to draw the runes for a reading, simply draw a set number from a bag or lay onto a flat surface to interpret them based on positions and orientations. 

Once completed, consult a book to learn about the symbols chosen or use intuition to find the meaning. 

Now reflect on the reading brought to you. 

Have your questions been answered? 

Did the reading offer guidance or closure? 

Now consider any actions or steps you may want to take from this to navigate your path onward! 

Trust your connection with your runes as you study and use them in your daily life!