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What are the Chakras & why would you want them aligned?

Riley Jordan |

What are the Chakras & why would you want them aligned?

Chakras are energy centers held within each and every body on the planet. The word "chakra" originated from Sanskrit and means "wheel". These energy center correspond to different aspects of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

There are seven main chakras that run down the spine, each associated with specific qualities:

1.) Root: Base of the spine. Survival, stability & security.

2.) Sacral: Lower abdomen. Creativity, sensuality & pleasure.

3.) Solar Plexus: Upper abdomen. Personal power, self-esteem & confidence.

4.) Heart: Center of chest. Love, compassion & empathy.

5.) Throat: At the throat. Communication, self-expression & truth. 

6.) Third Eye: Center of the forehead. Intuition, insight & imagination. 

7.) Crown: Top of the head. Spirituality, alignment & higher consciousness. 

One may come to believe some of these chakras could be possibly closed or blocked if they're showing mental or physical symptoms going against any of these qualities!

If you believe you have a blocked chakra or simply just want to align them for full clarity of life, here are a few general steps you could follow: 

  • Become aware of your chakras and their locations in your body.
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation techniques to quiet the mind. 
  • Use breathwork to balance and activate each individual chakra.
  • There are specific mantras associated with each of the chakras that once spoken can help to align and balance their energies.
  • Guided visualization to visualize a vibrant and balanced energy center. 
  • Sound healing, such as singing bowls and tuning forks, send sound vibrations to restore harmony throughout the body. 

Aligning the chakras can improve physical health, bring emotional balance, enhance mental clarity, and increase energy! This can promote one's well-being on multiple levels.

Those interested in exploring chakra work should approach it with an open mind and seek guidance from qualified practitioners or teachers like the ones here at Spiritually Rooted. Shop from our huge selection of chakra products from candles to incense to stones!