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Rev, Dr. Pamela M. Bruns Pamela is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor in the Buffalo, NY area who has been blessed to be serving spirit for the past 10 years via readings and spiritual healings.

While she always had the gift, Pam didn’t recognize it and develop it until 11 years ago. Pam used to think she was just “lucky” little did she know she was just using her intuition to help guide her. Pam was formally trained at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY as well as The University of Metaphysics in Sedona, AZ., following an interesting path in life. She had begun as a very strict, black/white type of person and didn’t embrace the beautiful shades of gray that make the world so precious.

The first part of her life was focused on success, both academically as well as in business. She received a BA in Communication and Psychology as well as a MS in Executive Leadership and Change.

Pam worked her way up the corporate ladder very quickly and just as quickly became bored, and decided to quit her job to start her own Consulting Business. It was during this time that she began her spiritual journey and started to develop her spiritual gifts and found it to be very comfortable and enjoyed being able to serve spirit and help people at the same time. At this point she decided to pursue a second BA and MS in Metaphysical Studies as well as her PH.D in Pastoral counseling and Psychology and completed it at the University of Sedona.

In January of 2012, she had a breakthrough and no longer wanted to make a dollar, but wanted to make a difference. Pam wanted to work with the Niagara County SPCA and served on the board of directors. Animals have been her passion most of her life and she had been a foster parent for 18 years and all of her animals; 3 dogs, Sadie, Stella and Sophie, and 3 cats Abby, Magoo, and Monster; who are all rescues that wouldn’t be alive if she didn’t keep them. She had been offering animal readings for friends and family, but it was initially something she did on the side.

In May of 2012 Pam decided that she had finally had enough of the corporate life and it was time to follow her heart to open Spiritually Rooted, a New Age Metaphysical Center to serve the community. Located on Webster Street in the heart of downtown North Tonawanda, Spiritually Rooted has grown into a location where those of various beliefs can come to attend workshops, classes, receive readings, healings, and guidance as well as stock up on items that aid in their spiritual path and growth

In December of 2015, a second location was opened at 402 Center Street in charming village of Lewiston, NY. “I’m very excited for the opportunity. I hope you find “The Root” a safe, welcoming and positive place to visit. Bring your furry kids for readings and healings as well! I look forward to meeting you at the store!”